Bite Problems & Teeth Alignment

There are various bit problems such as underbite, cross or excessive overbite, open bite and overcrowding. Most of these problems can be fixed by adjusting the position of the tooth through orthodontic treatment. 

Underbite: Lower jaw extends out causing the lower teeth to sit in front of the upper teeth hence hindering normal bite.

Cross or excessive overbite: This problem occurs when the upper and lower jaw does not cross in the right position. We always advise patients to look for an approved dental care clinic for quality services. At Smartsmile dentalcare clinics, our dentists are qualified and approved. Our dental technology is cutting-edge. 

Open Bite: When the upper and lower teeth do not overlap they result in an open bite.

´╗┐Teeth Alignment 

Misaligned teeth can result in difficulty in chewing, cleaning and maintaining dental hygiene. It also presents a risk of bacterial infection that may result in tooth decay. To correct this problem teeth can be moved through careful application of light, constant pressure.

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