Dentures and Bridges

Dentures are removable teeth for replacement of missing ones. They are of two types partial and complete dentures. Partial dentures are meant to replace teeth while some natural teeth still remain. Complete dentures are done for teeth replacement when all teeth are missing. Our dentists in Nairobi offers the best fitting dentures to cater for your needs.

If remaining teeth are not strong enough, they can be removed to allow complete teeth replacement. 

Complete dentures are farther classified into conventional and immediate. An immediate complete denture is placed immediately after a tooth is removed while conventional complete dentures are placed after the healing of the gum and shrinking of the bones. Immediate dentures are also referred to as premade dentures. As the healing take place, immediate dentures will require adjustments to fit due to the shrinking of bone and gum. 

Overdentures are a type of removable dentures fabricated to be supported by root treated teeth or implants in cases where gum supported conventional dentures are not applicable.

Partial dentures are used when several healthy teeth remain in the jaw. Replaced teeth are attached to a gum-coloured plastic partial denture framework to strengthen them. The framework may also be made of a metallic cobalt-chromium alloy. The acrylic framework partial dentures

sit on the gums while the metallic frame-work ones are partially supported by the adjacent natural teeth. Generally, the metallic frame work partial dentures are more expensive to make but serve better than the acrylic frame work dentures.

What is the cost of dentures?

Denture cost can vary from one patient to another. One might need other dental care such as tooth extraction before dentures are placed. It’s advisable to visit our dental clinic for examination and cost estimates. 

Dental Bridges 

Dental bridges also called fixed partial dentures are used to fill a gap left by a missing tooth/teeth. Teeth on both sides can be used as anchor to hold the artificial teeth in place. Bridges can be made of different materials such as gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials. Dental bridges help you prevent drifting of remaining teeth to the gap left. They also restore the appearance and perfect smile and improve chewing. 

Types of dental bridges 

There are different types of dental bridges such as:

  • Traditional Dental bridges: Replacement teeth are held in place by crowns cemented on the adjacent teeth. It’s the most common type of dental bridges. 
  • Cantilever bridge: This is done when you have one tooth adjacent to the missing tooth. Its not a very reliable support for long term clinical service.
  • Maryland bridges: Use porcelain or metal framework to hold the fake tooth in place. They might not be as strong as cemented ones.  

What to expect during a dental bridge procedure?

A dental bridge is not a surgical procedure. During the dental visit, the dentist will take your mouth measurement. The dentist will then shape the teeth adjacent to the gap being bridged using special dental burs. The shaped teeth will act as support to cement the bridge. This is referred to as fixed partial denture. 

The measurements or imprints are used to custom make your bridges that will fit comfortably. Once the dental bridges are made, they are cemented on to the adjacent teeth. 

What are the disadvantages of a dental bridge?

Dental bridges may have a few drawbacks if not done properly.

  1. They may not be so conservative as it involves shaping of the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap.
  2. The bridge is cemented hence it doesn’t allow flossing. Food particles can be trapped thus causing bad breath
  3. The supporting teeth may become weak over time due to overloading. 

What is the lifespan of a dental bridge?

Just like your natural teeth, a dental bridge should be taken care of through good oral health practices as the adjacent teeth may experience dental decay and periodontal diseases. However, if well maintained, a bridge should offer clinical service for many years. A regular visit to the dentist is also recommended to keep your bridge in check!

Teeth replacement cost in Kenya with bridges 

Bridging may cost differently depending on many factors. Those with few gaps to fill may get cheaper dental bridges to cost. Some patient might require strengthening of remaining teeth to hold the bridge. Visit our dental clinic today for examination and professional advice.