Extraction of Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth is a condition where teeth fail to erupt. They remain under the gum or partially erupt. Overcrowding which results in lack of enough space in the jaw can cause impaction of teeth. 

Extraction of impacted teeth is the treatment recommended. If left without treatment they can cause misalignment by pushing surrounding teeth. 

The wisdom teeth are the last to erupt and hence frequently impacted.Being the last to erupt they find most space occupied and may remain below the gum. If in need of impacted teeth removal visit our dental care clinic for best and quality services.

What to expect during disimpaction procedure 

The dentist applies local or general anaesthetic as agreed with the patient. The gum is incised to expose the bone where the tooth is impacted. An impacted tooth is removed and the incision closed. The patient is advised on dental care procedures to carry out after disimpaction. 

Types of Impacted teeth Procedures 

Depending on the way a tooth is impacted the dentist may advise on open or closed disimpaction.

 In open disimpaction, surgically uncover the tooth and bone removal exposing the largest diameter of the ectopic crown. For a deeply buried and palatally displaced tooth, the exposure will additionally need to be maintained using a surgical pack.

Closed is where multipurpose attachment with ligature wire and a chain is bonded to the palatal or buccal surface of the ectopic crown (whichever is the most accessible). Palatal mucosa is sutured back intact with the chain extending through an incision.

Impacted wisdom teeth removal cost 

Removal of impacted teeth can vary depending on the procedure to be carried out and other factors that are case-specific. It's advisable to see a dentist for examination and diagnosis to have a clear picture of wisdom teeth removal cost. Smartsmile dentalcare clinics is a place to be for your dental health needs. We offer affordable dental treatment services and we are among the best dental clinics across Kenya.