A pulpotomy is the removal of infected pulp under the crown. A Pulpotomy may be needed when your child complains of pain when hot, cold or sweet things come into contact with their tooth/teeth. This may mean they have pulpitis, which is the inflammation of the pulp due to infection. 

Pulpotomy may be recommended when the decay is too close to the pulp in such a manner that removing the decay alone will leave the pulp exposed.The radical pulp (pulp in the root) is preserved during pulpotomy.

Why perform Pulpotomy on children?

Most people wonder why pulpotomy is considered for children who have not grown permanent teeth. Eventually, the primary teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth so why not extract them instead of pulpotomy? Primary teeth play an important role in ensuring that permanent teeth will are arranged well and have enough space for growth. Removal of primary teeth before their natural time may cause misalignments.  

What happens to the remaining radicular pulp? 

The remaining radicular pulpotomy may be rendered inert or preserved through minimal inflammatory insult by using a haemostatic agent/laser. It can also be “encouraged” to form a dentine bridge using calcium hydroxide or mineral trioxide aggregate(MTA)