Space retainers

Space retainers are made by a dentist or orthodontist. They keep space open to allow the permanent tooth to grow and take shape. After milk tooth removal space retainers may be recommended to prevent adjacent teeth from drifting to occupy the space left hence preventing permanent teeth grow in the correct space. 

Impacted tooth treatment can cause the removal of some overcrowded teeth to create space for the impacted tooth to erupt. Space retainers are used to reserve the space for the growth of the impacted teeth.

A space maintainer can also be used to hold space following extraction of the permanent teeth to allow the other teeth space to erupt and reduce the amount of teeth movement required with fixed appliance. 

There are different types of space retainers: Removable space retainers and fixed After the space retainer. When fitted, it can take a while for the child to be comfortable with them. Our paediatric dentist at Smartsmile dentalcare clinics will review the retainers with the parent and child to make sure they are comfortable and well-fitting. Instructions on how to brush and maintain retainers clean are given. Lack of proper space retainers cleaning can cause decay or gum infections.