Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction or tooth removal can be necessitated by a variety of reasons such as ;

Overcrowded teeth - a tooth can be removed to create room for alignment of teeth during orthodontic. Extra-large teeth can hinder good alignment of the teeth in the month hence a dentist can recommend the removal of some for effective orthodontics. If a tooth fails to erupt through the gum due to lack of enough space in your mouth for it, a dentist can recommend pulling it. Tooth extraction for braces fitting is common to help with teeth overcrowding.

Infection - when the pulp( centre of the tooth containing blood vessels and nerves) is infected and the root canal can’t treat the infection, tooth extraction is recommended to prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease: When an infection has affected support for the tooth or teeth beyond reasonable possible repair the tooth or teeth can be extracted.

Tooth Extraction /tooth removal cost in Kenya

Tooth extraction cost can vary from one patient to another depending on the number and the condition causing tooth removal. Other factors are underlying health issues and procedure selection. To know how much it will cost to remove a tooth visit our dental clinic for professional examination and advise.

Retained Roots Removal

What is a retained root? After tooth extraction, some roots may remain in the jaw. Tooth root left after extraction can cause pain or be a source of infection. Sometimes a tooth can be lost due to accident or decay leaving the root intact in the jaw or gums. A broken tooth root left in the gum can cause discomfort. Surgical removal of retained roots is recommended to relieve pain and prevent infections.

How much does it cost to remove a retained tooth root? 

The cost of removing retained tooth roots can vary depending on complexity. It can be as simple as removing a single root while others require the jawbone to be touched. To get the best tooth root removal cost visit our Smartsmile dentalcare clinics in Nairobi for examination and diagnosis.