Tooth Filling

A tooth filling is a treatment to re-establish a damaged tooth back to normal. A tooth can either be damaged due to tooth decay, fractures, chips, cracked, or broken teeth. Where tooth damage is due to decay the dentist will remove the decayed part, clean the tooth, and fit the decayed part with filling material. Tooth filling cost can vary depending on the material of choice and the extent of damage At SmartSmile dental clinic our cost is affordable.

Types of tooth filling materials

There are several types of tooth filling material to choose from. The teeth cavity can be filled with :

  • Gold filling
  • Silver amalgam (a mixture of mercury with tin, silver, and copper)
  • Composite resin fillings (Plastics and glass): Also known as tooth-colored fillings

How much does tooth filling cost in Kenya?

Tooth filling price depends on several factors and it is always advisable to visit Smartsmile dental clinic for examination and consultation . The extent of tooth decay or fracture can be a major contributing factor. The filling material of choice can also greatly impact on the cost of tooth filling. Preparation such as cleaning, drilling to remove decayed portions is also a cost determinant. Remember, the choice of tooth filling material determines the extent of preparation and drilling .

Top filling can be cheaper than when filling both the top and the sides of a tooth.

What to expect with tooth filling procedure

The dentist will examine your tooth to determine whether tooth filling is necessary. The decayed part is removed by drilling or use of a laser. An examination is done after removal of decay to ascertain complete removal. The cavity is cleaned to remove decay-causing bacteria and any debris.  

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