Gum disease treatment(Periodontology)

Are your gums swollen? Having bad breath even after brushing? Have you been looking for bad breath treatment? Smartsmiles dental clinic is your dental care partner.  

Periodontitis disease is also known as gum disease is an infection of the tissues supporting your teeth. A sticky film of bacteria builds up on your teeth and hardens. 

Some of the symptoms to watch for are;

  • Bad breath even after brushing, 
  • Swollen gums,
  • Painful chewing,
  • Loss of teeth, 
  • Bleeding gums,
  • Receding gums - making your teeth appear longer.
  • Spitting out blood when brushing or flossing your teeth

Regular dental care can stop and prevent the advancement of periodontal disease. 

Most people associate loss of teeth with age but sometimes it can be caused by an untreated bacterial infection. It's advisable to visit Smartsmile dental clinic for checkup and examination. 

At Smartsmiles dental clinic a dentist will examine your gums for any swollen parts, measuring the depth of pockets around the teeth. X-ray can be recommended to examine the extent of the bacteria infection and determine whether there is any bone loss. Periodontal treatment aims to control the infection. The pockets around the teeth are extensively cleaned to prevent damage to bones. 

Periodontal disease is harmful to your oral health and can lead to other severe oral health issues if allowed to progress without treatment. Advanced gum disease may require dental surgery such as pocket reduction surgery, soft tissue graft(in case of teeth gum loss), bone grafting, guided tissue regeneration or tissue-stimulating proteins,

Periodontal disease prevention 

Regular dentist visits: Making sure your teeth are cleaned regularly by a dentist or dental hygienist can highly reduce the chances of infection and bacterial growth. Regular visits allow for early detection and treatment of any infection. Book an appointment today at Smartmiles dental clinic, get the best dentists in Nairobi for regular dental care clinic checkups, don't wait until it's too late. 

Oral Hygiene: oral hygiene prevents environments that are favourable for specific bacteria that cause periodontal disease.