Paediatric Dentistry

Paediatric dentistry deal with children dental health. It’s important for children to see a dentist at a younger age for examination and diagnosis of any dental problems. Early diagnosis help in treatment, it allows the dentist to take advantage of natural growth to correct some dental issues in children. 

Children face the risk of oral infections and decay due to the changes occurring at a young age. Without proper dental care, these risks can cause lifetime pain and complications. 

Children have unique dental needs ranging from no teeth, to baby teeth, to losing teeth, to permanent teeth, typically occur in about the first 12-14 years. Care is necessary to ensure your child passes through these phases in life and enters adulthood with a strong, healthy tooth.

During this child dental growth and development, if some actions such as tooth extraction are done early they can result in alignment issues where the permanent teeth occupy the left space. 

Milk teeth help in jawbone development and should be retained until its naturally time to remove them. 

Having a regular visit to a paediatric dentist can safe your child dental and help in maintaining good oral hygiene. 

It’s advisable to train your child to regularly brush teeth from the age of 1yr to 2 yrs. Keep their toothbrush clean and change it every three months or when the bristles begin to bend and ware out. 

SmartSmiles DentalCare Clinics is among the best dental clinic in Nairobi in handling dental issues in children. Our paediatric dentists are well trained and use the best technology to keep your child comfortable during the process. Our services are also quite client friendly among the dental clinics in Nairobi in terms of dental care cost.

When should a baby go to the dentist?

Dental associations recommend a child should see a dentist six months after the eruption of the first tooth. Unless a parent notices any abnormalities with their child it’s advised to see a dentist closer to three years. Wondering when should kids start going to the dentist? regular visits are necessary but for kids below three years, it may be considered too early. 

How often should a child go to the dentist?

Oral hygiene is very necessary to prevent decay. Dental visit for a child should be as prescribed by the dentist. In early child dental examination, a dentist is able to identify signs of dental disease and prescribe treatment to prevent it from progressing.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic is the process of strengthening or moving teeth to better the appearance and functionality 

The amazing thing about orthodontics is that it harnesses the body's natural ability to remodel its own tissue. With the application of light, constant force, orthodontic appliances gently reshape bone and move teeth into better positions. Some examples of these appliances are traditional metal braces, inconspicuous clear or tooth-coloured braces, and clear aligners, a relatively new option for adults and teens.

During orthodontic treatment, a tooth or teeth might be removed to create room for realigning. At Smartsmile dentalcare clinics, the Dentists will advise on the best way to increase room for teeth realigning.

Who should undergo Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic Treatment is for children and adults. It's more ideal in childhood to take advantage of the natural growth of jawbones and teeth. Although healthy teeth can be moved at any age, this phase of growth modification can shorten overall treatment time and ensure the

best result if additional orthodontic appliances are needed. Several new technological developments -including tooth-coloured ceramic braces, clear aligners and invisible lingual braces have made orthodontic appliances are less evident, and enhance the treatment experience for grown-ups. Before treatment, adults are carefully examined for signs of periodontal (gum) disease, which will be brought under control before treatment begins.