Root Canal Treatment

Are you looking for root canal services? Get the best dental care services at Smartsmile Dentalcare Clinics. Root canal treatment is used to save a tooth that is decayed or has been infected. Nerves and pulp are removed and the tooth sealed. The root canal serves the purpose of sensing heat, cold and other stimuli. The removal does not cause any implication to the normal functioning of the body. Smartsmile Dentalcare Clinics is a leading root canal treatment provider in Kenya. Our services are geared towards offering the best and quality services at affordable root canal cost. We have the best dentist in Nairobi and across Kenya.   

At the core of the tooth, are branching chambers called the root canals, they house the soft pulp tissue. This consists of nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels that extend into the Centre of the tooth and exit through canals near the apex (tip) of the tooth's roots.

When decay or infection reaches the inner part of your tooth that houses pulp, nerves, and tissues a root canal procedure is needed to relieve you of the pain and reduce the chances of more infections to the gum and the entire body.

Most people avoid the root canal for fear of pain. At Smartsmile Dentalcare Clinics Kenya we relieve you the pain of infection without causing more pain during treatment. 

Root canal not only relieves pain but it also stops the infection by removing dead and dying tissue from the tooth & pulp. Plus, it helps to save the tooth, which is in danger of being lost if left untreated.

Causes of root canal pain

When problems (such as infection and inflammation) develop in the pulp tissue, your first indication of trouble may be tooth sensitivity or intense pain. In time, as the nerves die, the pain may go away. but the problem remains. if left untreated, the end result may be tooth loss.

Common causes of root canal pain are:

  • Decay that has penetrated into the inner layers of the tooth
  • Cracking of the tooth
  • Infections during previous dental procedures, when an infection is left untreated it can spread to the jaw, brain, and the body. It can cause life-threatening complications if not treated.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

  • Severe teeth pains while eating or on the application of pressure on the surrounding area
  • High sensitivity to cold or hot substances especially when the substance is removed.
  • Swelling of the gum around the painful tooth
  • Darkening of the teeth.

When you notice any of the signs it is high time to visit our dental care clinic for diagnosis. Regular visits are recommended to reduce the chance of increased risk of infections. When an infection is noticed earlier it can be treated before it gets to the root canal

What to Expect During Root Canal Procedure

Root canal procedures might require several visits to the clinic to diagnose and perform the treatment.

The first step in root canal treatment is an x-ray, the shape of the root canal is determined and any infection in the surrounding area detected.

The area around the tooth is numbed and a rubber sheet is placed around the tooth to keep the area dry. A hole to access the pulp and decayed tissues. Cleaning is done using root canal files.  

The tooth is sealed after complete cleaning is done. This may take two to several appointments to complete. 

Root Canal Treatment Cost in Kenya

The cost varies depending on the extent of the infection and the tooth involved. Some teeth have more roots than others, it is advisable to book an appointment with our dentist at Smartsmile Dentalcare Clinics for diagnosis and cost estimates.  

What are the alternatives to a Root Canal?

The only alternative to a root canal is the complete removal of the tooth and replacement with implants or partial denture which is more costly than a root canal. With these alternatives, more procedures are required to prevent adjacent teeth from shifting. It is highly recommended to take a root canal treatment instead of the alternatives.    

Benefits of root canal procedure  

Stops infection to other teeth and the gum -root canal treatment removes the infectious bacteria, the tooth is cleaned and disinfected. After treatment, there is no room for the bacteria to breed and spread to other teeth.

Appealing appearance - the tooth is finished/sealed with a dental filling or a crown providing a new and beautiful look. Root canal procedure at Smartsmile Dentalcare Clinics Kenya restores the functionality of the tooth and maintenance aesthetic of your tooth.

Saves your tooth - you do not have to worry about losing your tooth or having a gap between your teeth. Your tooth health is restored and functions like other teeth. At Smartsmile Dentalcare Clinics Kenya our skilled doctors and staff will provide excellent root canal treatment to save your tooth and restore oral hygiene and health.

 Prevents Jawbone from disintegrating - gaps between teeth can cause the jawbone to disintegrate over time. Root canal treatment preserves your tooth and the jawbone remains intact. When signs of pain and decay on your tooth show visit Smartsmile Dentalcare Clinics Kenya before it is too late, waiting for the pain to disappear can cause major problems in the future such as adjacent teeth infection and the gum. It can also lead to loss of teeth. Your oral health is important, at Smartsmile Dentalcare Clinics Kenya we preserve, and restore the health and appearance of your teeth, mouth, gums, and jaw.

´╗┐Enhanced oral health and general health - Untreated tooth infection can expose you to the risk of health complications such as diabetes, heart attack, respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections, and other conditions.

At Smartsmile Dentalcare Clinics we offer the best root canal treatment services, our team of experienced staff will help you in restoring your oral health and maintaining the aesthetic of your teeth. Visit us today for consultation and treatment.